This is My Story

Where do I begin? I believe it’s important to talk about your successes and what sets your heart on fire. So here we go. Who am I? A twenty something year old living in a Philly suburb. A baker of fine organic treats, a licensed Esthetician AND a yoga teacher. I have a 9-5 job on top of all of that goodness. I’m a fiancée, daughter, sister, Grammy’s girl, aunt, animal lover and so much more. I’m super passionate about wellness, traveling, eating delicious food and seeing beautifully unique sites. I’m the friend that you call when you want to go somewhere awesome or want to share a great meal with. Who says that you have to follow the crowd and do what you’re told? Not me! Create your own path and live it to the fullest. Don’t be wary of road blocks or those that question your journey. Live the life you always dreamed you would have, live your truth. In coming to my page, I hope you find some sort of inspiration and if you want to know more, give me a shout. I’d love to hear from you!